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Chilli Aubergine
Chilli and aubergine cooked in yoghurt flavoured with peanuts and fresh coconut.
Vegetable Or Mushroom Biryani
Vegetable or mushroom cooked with pilau rice and aromatic spices served with vegetable curry.
Aloo Or Vegetable Doom
Cooked With special masalla sauce and mild herbs and spices.
Vegetable Pathia
A hot, sweet and sour dish extensively prepared with red chilli, onion and tomato.
Shimla Shobzi
Assortment of wild vegetables, medium spiced, cooked in a thick, tangy sauce.
Sabzi Shamiana
Crispy fresh vegetables tossed in a mixture of spices including dry mango powder and saffron.
Paneeri Shobzi
Crisp stir-fried vegetables, lightly spiced, topped with home made cheese. Vegetarians, eat your heart out and make the rest jealous.