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Lamb/Chicken Tikka
Marinated in yoghurt and fresh aromatic spices cooked in the clay oven.
Minced lamb cooked in fresh herbs and grilled in the clay oven.
Lamb/Chicken Chat
Sliced chicken or lamb cooked in a peppery sauce, served with a touch of salad.
Triangular shaped pastry served with salad.
(Available in minced lamb, chicken or vegetable filling)
Onion Bhajee
Fresh onion battered and deep fried in mild spices.
King Prawn Puree/Pathia Puree
King Size Prawn cooked in medium fresh spices served on a puree bread.
(NB Pathia flavour is hot, sweet & sour)
Prawn Puree/Pathia Puree
Prawns cooked in medium fresh spices served on a puree bread.
(NB Pathia flavour is hot, sweet & sour)
King Prawn Butterfly
One large King Prawn delicately spiced and covered in breadcrumbs.
Tandoori Chicken (Quarter)
Spring chicken marinated in fresh herbs and spices cooked in the clay oven.
Chot Poti
Potato and chick peas cooked medium spices and fresh Herbs.
Goan Crab/Mussel Puree
Freshly cooked with garlic in medium herbs and spices served ori a pancake.
Reshmi Kebab
Minced lamb burger spiced and cooked in butter served under a fried egg.
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Puree
Chicken or Lamb cooked to our very own recipe served on a pancake.
Sulimoni Kebab
Authentic Bengali kebabs served with melted cheese.
Tandoori King Prawns
King Prawns mildly seasoned with herbs, barbecued in the tandoori
with green peppers, tomatoes, onions and served with salad.
Paneeri Shashlick
Marinated pieces of chicken, barbecued with onions, green peppers
and tomatoes. Topped with homemade cheese.
Mixed Starter
A fabulous selection of tandoori delicacies.
Aloo Bora
Potato cake made with mashed potatoes, seasoned with mint and ginger. Served with a tamarind sauce.
Melon Boat
Chilled Melon in cubes.

Mirchi Mirch
Whole green pepper stuffed with spicy chicken or vegetable,
stir fried with onion, coriander and tomato.

Keema Bora
Fresh minced lamb covered with spicy mashed potato, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. Served with salad.
Murgh Kalija
Sauteed chicken liver lightly spiced and served on a bed of salad.
Lamb Chop
Fresh cuts of lamb on the bone, marinated in yoghurt,
then cooked over a coal fire.
Maas Biran
Famous Bangladeshi fish (Boal) steak, fried and garnished with whole green chillis, onions, green peppers and coriander leaves.
Sonali Machli
Monk fish lightly cooked in olive oil and served in a creamy sauce.
Chilli Paneer
Batons of cottage cheese spiced to a sweet sour flavour and tossed with fresh tomatoes and coriander
Khakra Kofta
Delicate crabmeat balls fried to a crispy texture, served with salad and a special dip.