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Balti Chicken Sally
This majestic dish is created in two stages. Firstly tender pieces of chicken are cooked to a 'Bhuna' style then delicate strands of fresh potato are fried and placed on top of the chicken. A true Balti.
Balti Chicken Shim
This exotic favourite uses the help of fresh green beans to help create the dish which is brought sizzling to your table. A Balti exotica.
Balti Chicken Jafrani
An elegant blend of traditional herbs and spices which create a spicy yet subtle flavour to this superb favourite. A dish to suit all the Balti lovers.
Balti Lamb Rezalla
Tender pieces of lamb cooked with fresh onions, green peppers and tomatoes, topped with a layer of barbecued minced lamb to make it a grand lamb feast.
Rajastani Balti
A crazy mix of chicken, lamb and prawns cooked in a medium sauce to the chef's special recipe.
Balti Chicken/Lamb
Balti Chicken/Lamb Tikka Bhuna
Balti Prawn
Balti King Prawn Bhuna