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Murgh Makhani
Chicken in aromatic spices and a creamy mango sauce with a touch of yoghurt.
Chicken/Lamb Pasanda
Pieces of lamb/chicken cooked in yoghurt, cream, ground almonds, fragrant spices and red wine.
Diced chicken and lamb tikka cooked in a medium strength gravy, garnished with green peppers and chickpeas.
Nawabi Murgh
A deliciously medium dish of tandoori baked succulent chicken pieces cooked in a delicate sauce with cream, ground almonds, coconut, butter, aromatic spices and yoghurt (Available in mild, medium or spicy)
Nepal King Prawns
Barbecued king prawns delicately spiced with herbs, chopped tomatoes, green peppers and cashew nuts in a thick sauce.
Khulnar King Prawn
Baby lobsters barbecued in shell then delicately spiced with herbs in a Bangladeshi style dish.
Garlic Masalla
Lamb or boneless spring chicken extensively prepared with garlic, onions, fresh herbs and spices.
Sylheti Vegetables
A wild assortment of vegetables cooked in fresh herbs and spices, medium hot.
Shaader Lau
Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with fresh pumpkin to give
this Bangladeshi dish its unique flavour. Medium dry.
Achari Ghost
Strips of barbecued lamb stir fried with fresh shallots, coriander, topped with a fresh tamarind sauce giving it a tangy flavour.
A must for all pickle lovers.
Murghi Mowchak
Chicken fillets barbecued over the clay oven. Blended with selective spices including honey and ginger, giving it a hot and sweet taste.
Be different, be authentic.
Chicken Xacutti
A hot Goan chicken dish made with tender pieces of chicken breast. A wonderful combination of spices and herbs laced, with coconut.
Butter Chicken
Boneless pieces of Tandoori chicken marinated in ginger, garlic and yoghurt. Served in a creamy butter sauce.
Cooked in Calamansi juice (wild lemon), lemon leaf and Naga-chilli. A superb dish with lots of flavour (Available with chicken or lamb).
Special Sizzler Juliette
A fabulous selection from our own tandoori, chicken or lamb marinated in fresh herbs, green peppers, onion and then flambéd with flaming brandy.
Lobster Delight
One big lobster, hot, sweet and sour tasting dish extensiuvely prepared with red chillies, onions, tomatoes, a touch of garlic and selective spices.
Korahi Batera
Quails richly spiced and cooked with generous helpings of onions and green peppers, served in a sizzling korahi.
Kofta Machli/Murgh
Delicately flaked Bangladeshi chital fish mildly spiced and shaped into balls, then shallow fried simered in a specially prepared sauce. Available with chicken.
Strips of barbequed chicken cooked in a spice flavoursome black pepper and mint sauce garnished with fresh mint.
Zameeri Ghost
Strips of tender lamb stir-fried with onions, green peppers, coriander with the rind of fresh orange. A tangy sensation for the connoisseur.
Mr Bhagisa
Fresh baby lobsters cooked in a spicy sauce using garlic, ginger and green chillies. Available in hot or very hot. Dare to challenge the chillies and show how it is done.