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Cassis Royale
A Blackcurrant sorbet with a heart of fine Vanilla ice cream, topped with blackcurrants.
Mint Parfait
A centre of dark chocolate sauce surrounded in Mint ice cream covered in dark chocolate.
Passion Royale
A centre of marbled passion fruit sorbet and vanilla ice cream, coated in passion fruit sorbet.

A heart of chocolate mousse in Coconut ice cream, coated in grated coconut.
Parfait Caramel
A caramel sauce surrounded by Caramel ice cream with caramel pieces, then covered in chocolate.
Orange Givrée
An Orange sorbet served in the skin of the fruit.

Citron Givre
A Lemon sorbet werved in the skin of the fruit.
Caramel Banana
Dive into banana and caramel ice creams covered in caramelised hazelnut pieces.

Ice Nougat
The height of pleasure: ice cream with the real montelimar nougat, pieces of cheery and pistachio and all topped with splits and grilled almonds.

Puzzle pieces in three classical tastes: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry

Mint Chocolate
Refreshing mint ice cream and crunchy pieces of Swiss chocolate, an irresistible creation.
Premium vanilla ice cream with real vanilla including the most precious part: the seeds of the vanilla bean.
A creamy, fruity and refreshing ice cream embellished with delectable strawberry pieces.
Premium Swiss chocolate shavings blended in a creamy ice cream. The true tasty treat for chocolate lovers.
A delectable blend of delicate yoghurt ice cream and refreshing banana sorbet, enhanced with pieces of banana: an ice cream that's creamy and fruity at the same time.
Raspberry & Strawberry Sorbet
Delicate raspberries and refreshing strawberries are united in a single sorbet.The deep red is from the raspberries, with the strawbwrry pieces giving it that certain something.
Passion Fruit & Mango Sorbet
With this duet of passion fruit and mango, you'll feel like you've been carried off to a Pacific island, exotic and delightfully summery.
White Chocolate & Apricot
White chocolate ice cream adorned with cruncy pieces of white chocolate and refined apricot sauce: a unique balance between sweetness and refreshment.
Pink Grapefruit & Orange
Grapefruit Sorbet enriched with pink grapefruit and orange pulp.
Gulab - Jamun
Liqueur Floater